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Why Have Some Canadian Online Casinos Stopped Providing Bonuses?

The legal status of online gambling in Canada, though it differs in different provinces, is somewhat a grey area because the Canadian federal government requires all casinos to obtain licenses to operate. However, it is perfectly legal for Canadians to access offshore online casinos with UK-based casinos being very popular among Canadian online gamblers. 

Most gamblers look for additional incentives and the best bonus offers when playing online since most online casino Canada real money sites offer amazing bonus plans, with some being loyalty grants and others welcome bonuses that feature cash prizes and free spins on specific games. In the recent past, online casino Canada real money gambling sites have reduced bonus offers significantly. Let us look at some of the reasons that have led to the reduction. 

The Controversy Surrounding Bonus Offers 

Online casino bonuses have disadvantages as some go against competition regulation and customer protection. Online casino bonus offers may have hidden rules and if players don’t pay attention to them, this may lead to negative reviews that affect the rating of the virtual casino.  Some of the online casino bonuses are:

  • Provided with betting requirements;
  • Game-specific;
  • Available for a limited time;
  • Limited by some restrictions from the establishment.

There is an accusation that online casinos deliberately draft misleading and confusing terms and conditions with some real money online casino Canada gambling sites using them to defraud players. The issue has led to a crackdown on virtual gambling sites and most sites opted to limit the bonuses they offer. Most of the top online casino real money Canada sites revised their terms and conditions ensuring bonus wagering requirements are visible and players have to confirm they understand before they can activate the bonuses.

Misuse of Bonuses by Players

Players at times misuse bonuses especially on online real money casino Canada sites with no wagering requirements to profit without ever risking their money. Some players try to ensure that they use bonuses to play for real money and make profits by maintaining minimum deposits or by signing up in multiple accounts. Gambling sites, therefore, revoke the bonuses and ban those players. It might seem unfair but virtual gambling sites have the right to refuse service to those they suspect of malicious behaviour.

Is It All Bonuses? 

Most of the best online casino Canada real money sites still offer welcome bonuses but they avoid promotions that may lead to misuse or fines. This means that most of the hidden terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements and the expiration of the bonus offers will be spelled out openly, which is a positive thing for Canadians playing on online gambling sites since they will not have to hunt for them. This assists online players to make informed choices. Canadian provinces, such as British Colombia, come up with regulations that protect the players. As the online casino industry keeps growing, the best Canada online casino real money gambling sites will always strive to ensure they comply so they don’t lose their operating licenses.

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